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Homework * ASC 111 * 10-17-12

Short Answer


Define net refrigeration effect (NRE).


What is the term used to describe the change of 30 % of the liquid to vapor at the outlet of the metering device and in which no enthalpy is removed from the system but is removed from the remaining liquid?


In the diagram in Figure 3.48, what is the enthalpy content of the refrigernt as it begins traveling through the evaporator?


What is the heat content of the refrigerant as it leaves the evaporator at point C in Figure 3.48?


What is the net refrigeration effect for the system in Figure 3.48?


What part of  the system is absorbing heat between point C and D and how much heat is absorbed there?


What is the approximate temperature of the refrigerant at point C?


What is the approximate (a) temperature and (b) pressure (psig) at point D?


What component of the refrigeration system is the refrigerant entering at point D?


What does the line sloping up and to the right leaving point D mean as far as (a) enthalpy,  (b) pressure (c) temperature and (d) volume are concerned?


Where is the refrigerant in the system when it is at point E?


How much total heat has been picked up by this system and must be rejected by the condenser (total heat of rejection)?

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